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The Amphitheater of Life: This Is Your Life!


Imagine this - You are going to attend a theatrical performance of your life on stage and you get to choose your seat – a premiering of a new play called, “This Is Your Life!”.


Seating selections include the following points of view:

Seats A:“Up close” - as if looking through a magnifying glass, with a focus on the star’s inner self-dialogue. You know – Mind’s inclinations to chewing, amplifying past events, focus on negatives and a generous projection to the future. A bit myopic, constricted and dramatic perhaps?! (smiling)


Seats B: “Giggle seats” – the shifting sands of your human practice and working mindfully with “what is here/now”. This is the sweaty and gritty repetitive practice of remembering your human condition (imperfection), and practicing to return again and again to the present moment, to offering curious attention and compassion to Self. These seats will offer both experiences of fun flights, sailings and “getting it” and losing oneself in Mind (Drama Story) and a disconnection from presence. Enjoy the giggles whenever possible.


Seats C: “Blue Sky”- a privileged box (for royalty and the famous) with opera glasses. That lovely hike up to a lovely lookout with a clear view of where you’ve come from and to; and an ability to see broadly, clearly and with an appreciation of challenge and context. Nice place for a picnic, a rest, a contemplation and reflective conversation about “this journey of Life, thus far”.


For those full of spirit, adventure and humour, you are invited to Seats D: “A dynamic and flowing experience of all of the above seats”. Surprises expected.


The seating selection you choose will define your point of view and your experience of this performance. You are welcome to have some fun and change your seat – as if it is all a game!


Warm regards,

Shelley & Becky



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