Diagnostic Imaging / Cardiology

Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Centre has a modern Diagnostic Imaging department offering a wide variety of Diagnostic Imaging services including diagnostic radiologic studies, fluoroscopic studies, general ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, as well as cardiac studies such as echocardiograms, holter monitors, exercise stress tests and ECGs.


We are a part of the Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Centre team that provides care for Emergency/ trauma, in patients, Nursing home residence as well as our community's outpatients. As a health science campus, ERHHC and the Diagnostic Imaging department are proud to support Collège Boréal’s Medical Radiation Technology program, by providing clinical placements for x-ray students.


Please call (705) 869-1420 extension 3500 to have one of our friendly, professional staff schedule any of the above procedures that your doctor has ordered. We will make every attempt to accommodate multiple studies on the same day.

Hours of Operation

 Outpatient Services Monday to Friday 7:30AM to 5PM•We have a radiologist (Physician specialized in interpreting imaging studies) available 24 hours a day via PACS. One day a week, we have a radiologist on site available to perform certain procedures, as well as a resource for referring professionals and technologists. The radiologist will review the images and send a report to the appropriate referring medical professionals within 3 business days.



When an area doctor gives you a requisition for testing, regardless of the hospital or clinic name written on it, you can most likely have these tests done in Espanola. It is always best to support the services locally whenever possible. Call (705)869‐1420 extension 3500 for more information.



The technologist is not permitted to disclose the results of the examination. This is not a personal decision of the technologist, nor a departmental policy, it is a legislated scope of practice issue. You can obtain you results from your family doctor or the ordering physician.



All of our Imaging studies are connected to PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) which is a computerized system for the storage, retrieval and display of diagnostic images in a networked environment. PACS provides remote access to patient images and radiology report information, to authorized users, no matter where they are located in the province.



Some procedures in the Diagnostic Imaging Department require preparation. For example, an abdomen ultrasound will require fasting, and a Barium Enema will require a bowel preparation. These preparations are crucial in obtaining an accurate diagnostic result. When you book your appointment, you will be informed regarding which preparation you must follow in order for your exam to be completed. You may be asked to remove some or all your clothes and put on a hospital gown for your exam. You may also be asked to remove your jewelry as the metal may interfere with the images.


  1. Our recording device policy does not allow electronic recording while direct care is being given.

  2. OB Patients: You are having a medical examination. As a courtesy, family member(s) may be allowed into the u/s room after the exam is complete if time permits. This applies to routine >12 week scans only.

  3. To provide a healthier and more comfortable environment for our patients and staff Espanola Regional Hospital & Health Centre is a Scent Free facility. Hospital wide policy asks that no scented products be worn the day of your examination

About your test

For more information on the studies offered here at ERHHC click below.




For some of these studies the Fasting Preparation and/or Bladder/ Pelvic Preparation may need to be followed. You would/will be informed of this at time of booking.

Barium Swallow / Upper GI

Barium Swallow/ Upper GIFor this study, You must follow the Fasting preparation.

Barium Enema

For this study, you must follow the Bowel Preparation.

Holter Monitor

Stress Test

Electrocardiogram / ECG / EKG


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Our Imaging department can be reached at (705)869-1420, extension 3500.


We prefer receiving our referrals via Ocean eReferrals. To Sign up click here. For Ocean eReferral support contact eServicesNort@OntarioHealth.ca. Alternatively, you can access our requisition HERE. A friendly reminder... For those using paper requisitions



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Referrals can be faxed to (705) 869-2211. For access to CAR referral guidelines, click here. Referral Guidelines - CAR -Canadian Association of Radiologists. 


If you have any questions about our services or are having trouble with any of our services, contact the Diagnostic Imaging manager at(705) 869-1420 X 3017 or email psmith@esphosp.on.ca