health records / privacy 

The Espanola Hospital Health Records Department supports our clients by maintaining and providing health information for patient care. They are committed to protecting patient confidentiality while providing health information access to authorized individuals. The Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Centre treats your health information with respect and sensitivity in compliance with Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC) and other applicable legislations.


Keeping patient information confidential is of utmost importance at the Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Centre. All personnel are bound by a signed pledge of confidentiality. We protect your privacy by only collecting, using and sharing your health information as permitted or required by law.


Phone number:

705-869-1420, ext. 3008

Fax number:


Mailing address:

Espanola Regional Hospital & Health Centre
Health Records – Release of Information
825 McKinnon Drive
Espanola, ON  P5E 1R4


Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday
8:00AM – 4:00PM
excluding Statutory Holidays





Patients or their eligible substitute decision makers are entitled to access their health information. Some requests may be subject to approval by the health care provider.

  1. All requests must be made by completing the Consent for Release of Personal Health Information form. The request requires a signature.

  2. Completed requests can be:

                                        · Mailed with original signature

                                        · E-mailed

                                        · Faxed

                                        · Hand-delivered to Main Registration.

 4. Records are processed according to medical priority sequencing and will be completed in a timely manner

 5. Health Records staff will contact you via provided phone number with any questions they have in regards to your request, to inform

     you of the fee and to inform you of when it is ready to be picked up or if it has been sent.

 6. Pickup at Main Registration during business hours. Must provide proof of government issued identification (with photo and

     signature) and fee must be paid in full.



E-mail is not considered a safe and secure means of communication. We do not use e-mail to respond to requests for health records, we only accept submissions and will contact you directly using the phone number provided in the completed Consent for release of personal health information.



There is no fee for providing information to other publicly funded health care facilities or to physicians for continuity of patient care (circle of care)

For most other purposes, there is an administration fee associated with a request to view and/or obtain a photocopy of your health record.

        I. If you’re requesting to view your health record, the administrative fee is $33.90 ($30.00 + HST).

       II. If you’re requesting a photocopy of your health record, the administrative fee is $33.90 ($30.00 + HST) for 20 pages and $0.28

           ($0.25 + HST) for each additional page.



There may be additional fees charged on top of the processing fee and has to be paid prior to release of the records. The Release of Information staff will inform you of any other fees prior to completion of request as the price listed above does not reflect every type of request.